Daniel Santos

Manan Ahmed

April 2022Current: Research Assistant in School of Chemistry, UNSW Sydney

Manan Ahmed was born in Lahore, Pakistan and received his undergraduate degree in industrial chemistry from Government College University Lahore. In 2014, he moved to Malaysia and completed his Master of Engineering Science degree from the Universiti of Tunku Abdul Rahman. After finishing his Master’s, he came to Australia in 2017 where he completed his PhD in chemistry from UNSW, Sydney (University of New South Wales, Sydney) under the supervision of A/Prof Suzanne Neville. During his doctoral research, he focused on a multidisciplinary approach to examine the spin crossover (SCO) behaviour in Hofmann frameworks (MOFs). Currently, Manan is working as a Research Assistant in the School of Chemistry at UNSW, Sydney with Dr DJ Kim to develop new organic/inorganic materials for rechargeable batteries.